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One goal: meet the specific expectations of your industry.

VulnIT's products help you assess the quality of your IT security and whether your controls comply with the risks that your industry faces.


VulnIT's solutions help you inventory your assets, automatically analyze the security of your critical industrial networks (SCADA) and the privacy of your very confidential R&D data. You will be able to identify the vulnerabilities inside and outside your company and build a report that will help you reduce your IT security risks.

Health care

Medical data are one of the most critical data as they are highly personal and confidential. Thus, they require a specific concern. The availability of your medical devices is also extremely sensitive.
VulnIT contributes to reinforce the IT security of medical centres of any size.


Public organizations have to deal with a major exposition due to their political impact and the personal, social and economic data they process. VulnIT's solutions fit to all sizes of public organizations, as they come with a methodology helping their implementation.


E-commerce websites mostly relies on the availability of the website in order to receive orders. The integrity of its item database and the confidentiality of its customers require regular security checks.
VulnIT's solutions can help you test the website application as well as the infrastructure hosting it, and thus secure your activity.

Financial services

Financial services firms have to justify the highest level of IT security controls to internal and external consultants.
VulnIT helps these firms reach the highest security levels specific to their activity.

IT services providers

Integrators, hosting specialists, service provider and consultants have to guarantee their customers the confidentiality engagements are met.
VulnIT's products help these companies provide their customers with a certificate validating their committment to improving their IT security.